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Saint Nectarios Press

Saint Nectarios Press offers a well-stocked selection of traditional Orthodox materials at competitive prices. Profits from St. Nectarios Press publications are used to publish new books. Profits from the sale of items not published by St. Nectarios Press are used for the Benevolent Fund of St. Nectarios American Orthodox Cathedral.

ByzCrossHoly Transfiguration Monastery (home page)

Holy Transfiguration Monastery (direct link to the online store)

Holy Transfiguration Monastery was founded over 50 years ago. It received its foundation and rule of life from Mount Athos, thus transplanting the traditions of the Holy Mountain to the United States. Its website offers information, photos, news and spiritual reading as well as a link to the monastery store. The monastery produces high-quality articles for use in private and corporate Orthodox worship. Items purchased from Holy Transfiguration Monastery benefit the monastery.


Holy Nativity Convent

Holy Nativity Convent was founded in 1968 as a small community of nuns following the traditional Orthodox monastic life of prayer and labor. The convent supports itself by dipping pure beeswax candles; sewing vestments, cassocks and other church articles; and making and selling icon pins, decorated candles, laser-engraved icons and plaques, greeting cards, items imported from the Holy Land, and other items. Since the nuns support themselves by the work of their hands and not by the solicitation of funds, those who wish to contribute to their labors can best assist by purchasing their handicrafts. In doing so, they help the convent to continue its work while at the same time bringing beautiful items of our rich Orthodox tradition into their own lives.


Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston

News and photos from the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston.